Mobile App Development

If you need an app for any Apple product—iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch—talk to us and see how we can help you.

App Development Academy

For kids and teens: If you’ve always wanted to build your own app, we have just what you need. We’ll take you through a series of classes that will teach you coding principles using Apple’s latest programming language, Swift. Contact us for more info.

Mobile Apps


Learn your favourite songs using our guitar video tabs!

Want to learn to play your favourite songs on the guitar? Wish you can play a song on guitar but don’t quite know where to start? Do you watch YouTube tutorial videos, but can’t quite figure out that guitar riff or solo? If so, this app is just for you!

Includes Apple TV app.

Tap Metronome

Intuitive metronome keeps time for you. Every musician needs to practice with a metronome.

Easy to use: tap to set tempo, save your song lists, click divisions for each beat, choose time signatures, determine accent beats, tap on downbeat to resync (if tempo drifts), and many more.

Includes Apple Watch app.

Richmond Raiders Minor Football

Football team roster, play-by-play stats, game videos. Custom app for Richmond Raiders Minor Football.

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